Happy Birthday, Milo!

It’s Milo’s birthday today. He’s ten. He’s a Coton de Tulear, the official dog of Madagascar. Feel free to wish him a happy birthday!

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My Sister’s On Spring Break

My Sister's On Spring BreakYup, my sister works for a school district, and she has been counting down the days to her Spring Break on Facebook. She almost forgot when there were two days left. I had to remind her. I’m swell.

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I Want My Kong

We have to pay our dog, Milo, a toll before we leave the house in the form of treats in his Kong. Only then will Milo let us pass.

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Thank You Women!

It’s International Women’s Day, and I thank a special woman, as well as all women. Thank you for loving us every day we screw things up!

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Sing When the Song Strikes You

I sang a song this morning for my wife that kind of sucked. I knew she deserved better, but nothing was coming into my noggin. Suddenly this one was there, I sang it for her, and she was happy with the bonus song, and one that was better than the morning tune. Yay!

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It’s Not Friday

I woke up this morning convinced it was Friday. Our menu on the refrigerator told me otherwise, and I realized it’s just another crappy Thursday.

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March Into March

Ahh, a new month which can also mean a new beginning. It’s also Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, so it’s kind of a bonus if you want to give up something or begin something new. Go ahead and march!

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Sad Day at the Bakery

I was flabergasted this morning as last week I discovered my bakery had muffins, and this morning I was looking forward to picking up muffins, but they had no muffins. It was a sad day at the bakery.

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Wanting Nothin’ to do With Me

My wife gave me a scare yesterday when she wouldn’t answer my texts and wouldn’t answer my calls. I was worried something bad happened, or she didn’t love me anymore. Turns out she just had her phone on vibrate but not near her. Phew!

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