Why These Songs?

My name is Andy. I sing dorky songs. Why these songs?

One day while listening to the Eric and Kathy radio show in Chicago they were talking about a dude who would leave a voicemail for his wife with a song. On this morning it was a song about yoga pants.

That night I mentioned the radio bit to my wife, and she said she heard them talking about it as well. She asked me why I didn’t sing a song to her every day.

Not to be outdone by Mr. Yoga Pants, the next morning I texted her a video of me singing her a song, and then did it again the following morning, and then the following morning. Low and behold I just kept doing it.

The thing is the daily song used to be private, a joke between the two of us.  Then, one day, I accidentally sent “Egg Sandwich” to my sister. She enjoyed it so much she tried to ridicule me by posting it on Facebook. It didn’t work.

My sister felt left out – why couldn’t she share, daily, in the dorky songs in my head? Because I love my sister I decided to set up my SongsByAndy YouTube channel, this website, and the Facebook page, so that she could easily find them, and now, along with my wife, I’m sharing my songs with you.

I promise there will be silly songs, songs about love, songs about our dog, and damn near anything I can think of at the time. I won’t be the best singer you’ll ever hear, and will usually look dorky, but hopefully the songs might make you chuckle.


Andy Labis