Crappy, Thankful, Better – A Musical Trilogy of Song

I had the flu. Okay, I didn’t really have the flu as folks who have had the flu will tell you that you were just sick, but in any case, I was feeling like crap on Monday.

I was fighting something, and on that day the sick was winning. I decided not to post the song that day.

On Tuesday I still didn’t feel that great, but thanks to the love of my wife and some soup, I felt I was starting to take charge, but I still didn’t have the energy to get that day’s song up on the web.

Then came today. I felt better! A lot better!

This song will take you through the three days: My first day of crappy, my second day of being thankful I have a good woman who takes care of me, and the third day of triumph over sick.

Sorry for the delay in getting my song posted, but hey, consider it a bonus to get three songs in one!

It’s crappy to feel crappy during the summer. Thankfully my crappiness didn’t last too long.

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