Ignore That Last Tweet

For a brief moment the folks in the Twitterverse had a tweet from me that wasn’t meant for the public.

My sister texted me, and as I was driving I did the hands-free things, asked Siri to read her text, and then, probably my error because Siri never makes a mistake, asked Siri to reply back, but somehow my reply to my sister ended up on my Twitter feed at @aplabis instead of as a text message back to her.

Lucky for me, but less entertaining for my followers (Hey, why aren’t you following me on Twitter?), it wasn’t anything racy, didn’t mention hate groups nor Donald Trump, but was simply “We are still thinking about it, why don’t you try to remember to call me tonight, because I’ll probably forget to try to call you.”

About the only thing my followers in Twitter gained from it was that I’m not that great at returning calls.

The tweet is gone, but the song lives on, although I’m sure that in some weird Twitter archive it might still be there.

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