Walking Along a Trail in Canada

While in Banff, in Canada, I got the app All Trails as, in some of my alone time, I thought it might be fun to hit some of the hiking trails. This song was along Spray Loop Trail, which is considered an easy trail by hiker standards. It’s a simple trail, but there was a sense of danger the entire way as a dude on a bike said there was a bear sighting along the trail. Luckily, I think, I didn’t have enough time to conquer the entire trail.

It was a nice little test to see if I like hiking, a test to see what kind of endurance I still had, and a test to see if I had any idea what to do if I did see a bear.

As I’m still here, you can guess I didn’t see a bear.

I also still have no idea what to do if I do see a bear.

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