Why Do We Stop Dreaming?

When you were younger you had lots of hopes and dreams. You might have dreamed about being a fireman, or a teacher, or the President.

Where did those dreams go? Maybe we should go back to being twelve years old when we used to dream big!

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Embrace the Funk

Even if you are in a funk, that's no reason to wear a mask!

Some days you just wake up in a funk. On this morning, I did, but I embraced it, ate some donuts, had some extra espresso, and cranked up some Disturbed on the drive to work.

It got me out of my funk. Here’s hoping your day is funky, and not in a funk, but even if it is, you can get out of it, unless maybe you get sprayed by a skunk!

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Walking Along a Trail in Canada

While in Banff, in Canada, I got the app All Trails as, in some of my alone time, I thought it might be fun to hit some of the hiking trails. This song was along Spray Loop Trail, which is considered an easy trail by hiker standards. It’s a simple trail, but there was a sense of danger the entire way as a dude on a bike said there was a bear sighting along the trail. Luckily, I think, I didn’t have enough time to conquer the entire trail.

It was a nice little test to see if I like hiking, a test to see what kind of endurance I still had, and a test to see if I had any idea what to do if I did see a bear.

As I’m still here, you can guess I didn’t see a bear.

I also still have no idea what to do if I do see a bear.

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Let’s See What Milo Does

Going for a morning walk the other day with Milo, we came upon a bunch of rabbits just hanging out, munching the foliage, and I think one was on the curb waiting for an Uber or something. Milo knew what he wanted, and nothing was going to stop him, so of course, I sang about it.

It’s always curious how Milo reacts, although I was fairly certain his direction this morning.

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I Wish This Were Beer

If only it were beer flavored instead of lemon, maybe it would have been better.

You see, the minute you tell anyone over 50 that you have to have a colonoscopy they will immediately begin to tell you stories of their colonoscopy. Actually, most don’t tell you about the procedure itself, but rather they go into as much detail as possible concerning the day before. Let’s just say there is a lot of talk about poop.

I’ll just say this, it ain’t the poop that sucked so much, at least in my world, it was drinking the giant jug of liquid.

All you youngins have that to look forward to.

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Good Breakfast Equals Better Day

My wife made me a wonderful breakfast this morning, and suddenly the day was just better.

It’s not that the breakfast was super-crazy, it was eggs, avocado, and lentils, combined with some coffee, but maybe it’s because they are made with love that makes them better.

My advice: If you want a better day, start with a good breakfast!

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Hello, God

I asked my wife what I should sing about this morning because all I had in my head were songs about farts.

She mentioned maybe something to God, maybe a gospel song, so I came up with this, a little singing prayer to God to ask for a little help.

If you need a little help during your day, don’t be afraid to check in with God, and if you are doing fine, maybe pass this along to someone you know who might need a little help, or just be the friend you are and help that someone who might need a hand.

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Chicago to Hawaii and Back

Do you have any pictures or video that you’ve taken from an airplane?

For me, I shot video for almost every takeoff of our vacation to Hawaii, and I decided to sing to them because, well, it just seemed like something to do.

Chicago at night from a plane, coming back from Hawaii!Our trip started in Chicago at O’Hare Airport and we flew to San Francisco for a layover. Then came the “over the ocean” flight from San Francisco to Kona on the Big Island. After hanging on the Big Island it was time for our trip to Kauai, but not before a layover. With that we had the Hilo to Honolulu trip, then the Honolulu to Lihue on Kauai.

Kauai was a blast, I missed the video from Lihue to Honolulu, but we had one more leg, from Honolulu to Chicago.

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Here Comes Christmas, Right Around the Corner

Halloween is over! You know what that means? It’s time to get ready for the next, great holiday.

Yay. Christmas.No, not Thanksgiving. Who really cares about that one except we get an extra long weekend?

Nope, Christmas is right around the corner! So get out the tree, start the list for presents, and think about how fat you are going to get between now and then! It’s the most glorious time of the year! Enjoy!

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I Might Just Sing About…

I thought, for today, as I couldn’t think of anything to sing about, that I would sing about what I sing about when I can’t think of anything to sing about. Enjoy!

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