Oh, Dead Relatives, Please Help Me Win the Lottery

With the Mega Millions having a pretty big jackpot, I decided to buy a ticket.

Dead relatives help win the lottery!I believe, though, that I have come up with a failsafe plan to win the jackpot – I’m enlisting the help of my dead relatives. I’ve already talked to my parents and my grandparents. Okay, maybe “talked” is kind of a stretch, but I did talk “into the air,” letting know how I am worthy to win such a jackpot, and if they aren’t busy, if they could look at the numbers on my ticket and make sure those balls pop out of the big ball. I also decided, because they didn’t answer back, that maybe my immediate family might be busy. Making sure to cover all bases, I’ve also chit-chatted with other folks in my family. I believe I have covered all bases, so don’t be surprised when you start seeing my songs from a beach instead of in my car.

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