It’s Tough Being a Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears Fan

Who is your favorite football team?

For me, I have, like, the double whammy of loserdome when it comes to football. Having originally been from the North Coast of Ohio, I am a born and bred Cleveland Browns fan. Yup, there isn’t really a whole hell of a lot to cheer for, but I do.

Sadly for me, my arrival in Chicago wasn’t until 1985, so at that time I didn’t really care for the Chicago Bears until a few years later. I missed being a Bears fan during the glory years, although they did have a glimmer of hope getting to the playoffs and Super Bowl, but can never seal the deal.

And so I had a little bit of hope during week one of the football season. Somehow the Browns caught up to the Steelers, and then blow it in overtime. I guess I could say I was happy because they didn’t lose, but really, a tie?

Then came the Bears, looking solid, actually winning, but then collapsing in what is becoming typical Bears fashion.

So, my first week of football ended up with two losses. Crap. I suppose there is always week two.

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