Wednesday is a Crappy Day for a Holiday

American Flag

I believe I might run for President in 2020. My platform: We shall now celebrate Independence Day on the first Monday of July.

Why? I decree that Wednesday sucks for a holiday. Monday and Tuesday feel like you are heading to a weekend, you get a day off that you can’t really enjoy, and then you are back at work not knowing what day of the week it is.

Sure, I know it’s technically the “4th of July,” but let’s just change the name to Independence Day. And why Monday and not Friday? It’s mental, at least for me. Having Friday off is nice, you have that “We have a long weekend!” feeling, but there is nothing better than waking up on Monday morning, after a weekend, and saying “Yay! I don’t have to go to work today!”

Better yet, let’s make Independence Day a Tuesday. It can be like Thanksgiving, giving us a four day weekend, but different!

So, vote for me for President in 2020, and Independence Day will never be a crappy day for a holiday again!


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