Time to Rock – It’s Rocktober!

As I open this song, I sing it best, “I almost forgot that it’s Rocktober!” You know, it’s October, but every rock station, well, in the old days when there were rock stations, dubbed October, “Rocktober.”

Promotions took place, and people rocked. People don’t rock that much anymore, hence the downfall of the rock radio station, but I’m not forgetting.

At least for this song.

I’m sure by the next song, I’ll have forgotten all about RocktoberNo, but for now, I rock!

Now, I know that recently the Colorado Rockies have been trying to steal the magic of the phrase and claim “Rocktober” for their own. Good for them, they made the baseball playoffs, but we all know Rocktober isn’t about baseball, it’s about rocking!

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