“So Many Mattress Firm Stores,” Listen to My Song!

For this weekend bonus song, “So Many Mattress Firm Stores,” this was posted on my YouTube channel before I started this website.

It’s a weird phenomenon and marketing tool, but in Chicago, and other parts of the country, too, I suppose, there is a plethora of mattress stores, and especially here, Mattress Firm stores. It's another Mattress Firm store!It appears anywhere that there is a strip mall there is a store. Freestanding stores are popping up everywhere, and if you ever get the hankering to buy a mattress you don’t really have far to go.

In this song there are three Mattress Firm stores, technically between Naperville and Aurora, IL, in about a 1000 foot stretch. Don’t like the salesperson at the first store? Go ahead, walk across the street to the second, and another short walk to the third. You can also pick up some furniture, and even a mattress if Mattress Firm really pisses you off, from Penny Mustard Furniture. Notice, in this song, that you also get the benefit of excellent cell phone service.

As an even more added bonus, this song has an ever so brief glimpse of Mrs. Songs By Andy.

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