I Am Skunk Repellent – Hire Me to Sing!

The other night my wife and I were enjoying an evening on our patio. It was a lovely evening, the bugs were singing, Milo, our dog, was trying to roll in poop or something, and then she saw him, or maybe her, about four backyards away. At first she thought it was a dog, but then she yelled at me “There’s a skunk!”

She pointed across the backyards for me to see, and at first I didn’t see it. Then, there was the white stripe, we had some talk about skunk poop, and the skunk kept coming closer.

Then I started singing.

Mr. Skunk from our window. No more skunk repellent.Low and behold the skunk started running away, my wife made fun of me that my singing was skunk repellent, and unfortunately I couldn’t keep singing for the entire night so the skunk came back.

No need for mothballs, just hire, me. It seems my singing is skunk repellent.

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