Be Happy With the Rain – Watch and See Me Jump in a Puddle

Here’s my suggestion if the rain gets you down – Go outside and jump in a puddle, like when you were a kid. Suddenly the rain won’t seem so crappy. Let me know when you do it, and how you felt.

Look, I know a lot of folks are getting flooded lately in Illinois with all of the rain, but for a few seconds remember rain doesn’t always suck, and maybe, hopefully, when you were a kid, you jumped in a puddle and enjoyed the water just splashing around. Do it again.

Jumping in a puddle of water!

I did it this morning, jumped in a puddle of water. It was fun, and sure, it took all morning for the bottom of my pants to dry, but it was a great way to start my day, and even with the wet pants I was grinning ear to ear.

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