Cooking Turkey in a Kamado Joe Grill

We were the hosting family for Thanksgiving this year, and it was discussed early on that I might try to cook a turkey on our Kamado Joe grill.

I didn’t really want to risk figuring out if the cook would go well on Turkey Day, so a few weeks before Thanksgiving I did a “test run” of cooking a turkey on the grill.

I’ve got to say that the turkey grilling came out fantastic, even in the freezing weather. I used a combination of methods to get the bird to come out great.

First off, I probably watched John Setzler’s video about cooking a turkey in the Kamado Joe about a million times, or at least a couple dozen. I loved his “smoking pouch.” Find his video here:

Big belly for the brine!

Then I needed a brine, and my wife decided this one, using Old Bay and Chinese Five Spice sounded good. P.S. It was a good choice.


Then I needed to find the recipe that John referenced in his video, from Paul Sidoriak and the book, “Exclusively Kamado.”

Granted I just sing a lot and don’t show all the prep work, but if you have a kamado kind of grill, like the Kamado Joe or Big Green Egg, these are some great recipes for a holiday turkey. The brine was fine, I’ve never had this good of a smoked turkey, and for the love of all things big and small, if you like smokey, make gravy out of the broth and stuff under the turkey.

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