Bangers and Eggs

In this blast from the past song, a #TBT as it will, Bangers and Eggs, last year I was able to eat Bangers because St. Patrick’s Day was on a standard day of the week. This year it’s on a Friday, so it will be just eggs. Maybe I’ll sing a song called “Eggs but No Bangers.”

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I Love My Seat Warmers

In the world of “How did we ever survive without?”, this morning’s edition is seat warmers in cars. It was cold this morning, and lucky for me my car has them so my butt was nice and toasty while driving around.

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Lake Effect Snow

We had lake effect snow which doesn’t happen that often in Illinois. What was really crappy is that it happened during Spring, well, at least meteorological Spring, as opposed to astrological Spring.

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My Sister’s On Spring Break

My Sister's On Spring BreakYup, my sister works for a school district, and she has been counting down the days to her Spring Break on Facebook. She almost forgot when there were two days left. I had to remind her. I’m swell.

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I Want My Kong

We have to pay our dog, Milo, a toll before we leave the house in the form of treats in his Kong. Only then will Milo let us pass.

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It’s Not Friday

I woke up this morning convinced it was Friday. Our menu on the refrigerator told me otherwise, and I realized it’s just another crappy Thursday.

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Sad Day at the Bakery

I was flabergasted this morning as last week I discovered my bakery had muffins, and this morning I was looking forward to picking up muffins, but they had no muffins. It was a sad day at the bakery.

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Ode to the Telephone Pole

I was having trouble coming up with a song this morning, but then I saw a telephone pole. I started wondering about the things going on with it. Ah, the telephone pole!

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